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Grade 3 - Mathematics
6.3 Subtraction Across Zeroes (WIZ Math)

Sometimes when you need to regroup, there is a zero in the next place. Then you need to regroup or rearrange the numbers in a different way.


  1. Line up the numbers in their place value columns.
  2. Subtract the digits in the ones place. Since you cannot take away from zero, you need to regroup. That is borrow from tens place.
  3. If the tens digit is also zero then borrow from hundreds digit.
  4. If the hundreds digit is also zero then borrow from thousands digit and so on...
  5. After regrouping or rearranging subtract each column starting with the ones, tens, hundreds and so on....


  1. Regroup the thousands digit: 4 thousands as 3 thousands and 10 hundreds.
  2. Regroup the hundreds digit: 10 hundreds as 9 hundreds and 10 tens.
  3. Regroup the tens digit: 10 tens as 9 tens and 10 ones.
  4. Subtracting each column starting with ones, tens, hundreds and thousands gives 1104
Answer: 1104

Directions: Subtract the following. Show your work with regrouping numbers. Also write at least 5 examples of your own.

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