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Upper Elementary Science - II
3.20 Rain Forests

Rain forests are places on earth where it rains a lot. Because of all the rain, millions of plants and trees grow and a very thick forest is formed. Rain forests are home to not only plants and trees, but also millions of animals.

Rain forests have huge trees that are close to each other. Scientists have named different parts of rain forests. Each part or 'layer' houses different kinds of animals and plants.

Layers of a Rain Forest

The bottom most part of a rain forest is called the forest floor. This is the wet ground level that has fallen leaves and fruits. This layer is home to termites, scorpions, and many large animals.

The layer immediately above the forest floor is called the understory. This layer has the tree trunks and small plants. Bees, snakes, frogs, and other animals are found here.

The layer above the understory is called the canopy. This layer contains the tree tops. The leaves in the tree tops are so dense that they form a canopy or an umbrella and make a shade below them. In this layer, animals such as toucans, parrots, and monkeys live.

Some trees in the rain forests are so tall that they stand above the canopy layer. These tall trees are called emergent layer. Birds such as eagles and macaws live in this layer.

Q 1: The bottom layer of a rain forest is called ______.
the forest floor
the emergent layer
the canopy
the carpet

Q 2: The tallest trees in a rain forest really stand out and are called _______.
the emergent layer
the canopy
the understory
the forest floor

Q 3: Eagles like to fly high up in the sky. They make their home in _____ layer.
forest floor

Q 4: The understory layer of a rain forest has ______.
tree trunks and small plants
tree tops

Q 5: The leafy parts of the tree tops is called the canopy layer. Here you can find _____.

Q 6: Termites and scorpions found in _______.
the canopy
the understory
the emergent layer
the forest floor

Q 7: The rain forest is home to _______.
only animals
many plants and animals
only plants

Q 8: The top layer of a rain forest has lots of leaves and is called _____.
the umbrella
the canopy
the forest floor
the emergent layer

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