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Grade 4 - English Language
1.29 Super Sentence Vocabulary

Directions: Here are a few words that can make your sentences stand out! Match the words with their meanings and use them in sentences. As a homework, read a book and find at least ten interesting words. Use a dictionary to find their meanings and parts of speech. Write the words, their meanings and parts of speech, and the sentences using them.
Q 1: victorious
very talkative
tasting food

Q 2: flamboyant
to collect
choice bits of food

Q 3: demonstrate
flashy and gaudy
hold onto a struggling object
to prove something using an example or experiment
to lose hopelessly

Q 4: conceited
set something right
one who talks a lot
having too high of an opinion of oneself

Q 5: enterprising
showing energy and initiative

Q 6: defensively
intended to protect
set something right
slant downward

Q 7: dapper
loving to experiment
to hold onto
intended to protect
neat and trim in the way one dresses

Q 8: carnivore
animal that eats other animals or humans
animal that eats only vegetables
eats only plants
eats only Pokémon

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