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Online Quiz (Worksheet A B C D)

Questions Per Quiz = 2 4 6 8 10

Grade 4 - English Language
5.7 Review Test - 3

Q 1: Last Friday, my cousin Sue was nice to me. _______________. Then she fixed me a snack.
She made my bed.
She hid my homework.
She told on me.

Q 2: I like to figure out word _________ in mathematics class.

Q 3: Which sentence is written correctly?
Matthew laughed at the joke he tell.
The two boys play yesterday.
He tells his friends many secrets.

Q 4: Can you _____ that shooting star?

Q 5: A word that means the opposite of proud is

Q 6: What does tag along mean?
follow behind
glue together
play tag

Q 7: Find the sentence that best combines these two sentences together: Grandma hit tha ball into the air. Grandma ran around the bases.
Running around the bases, Grandma hit the ball into the air.
Hitting the ball into the air, Grandma she ran around the bases.
Grandma hit the ball into the air and ran around the bases.

Q 8: When I was in elementary school, my favorite _________ was mathematics.

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