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Grade 4 - English Language
2.33 Verb Forms Using 'ing' and 'ed'

Use is and are when describing something happening right now. Use was and were when describing something that already happened.

To make a verb present tense add ing.
When it started to rain, we were raking the leaves.

To make a verb past tense add ed.
cook + ed = cooked
wish + ed = wished
play +ed = played

When a verb ends in a silent e, drop the e and add ed.
hope + ed = hoped
hate + ed = hated

When a verb ends in y after a consonant, change the y to i and add ed.
hurry + ed = hurried
marry + ed = married

When a verb ends in a single consonant after a single short vowel, double the final consonant before adding ed.
stop + ed = stopped
hop + ed = hopped

To write about something that already happened, you can add ed to the verb.
Yesterday, we talked.

You can also use was and were and add ing to the verb.
Yesterday, we were talking.

When a verb ends with e, you usually drop the e before adding ing.
grade - was grading
tape - was taping
sneeze - was sneezing
weave - was weaving

Directions: Write your own examples for each of the verb formation rules given above. Choose the proper verb form to correct the sentence in each of the following questions. As a homework, write a short story using verbs in past tense.
Q 1: My mom treat us to ice cream.

Q 2: She sneeze the whole time we were at the shop.
was sneezing
was sneezed

Q 3: Now the police accuse them of stealing the money.
are accused
are accusing

Q 4: As I watched, the workers grind the wood into little chips.
were grinded
were grinding

Q 5: I hear something. Who groan?
is groaning
is groaned

Q 6: The rain steam down the window.

Q 7: While we were playing outside at recess, the teacher grade our tests.
was grading
was graded

Q 8: Yesterday, we talk.

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