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Vocabulary - SAT, TOEFL, GRE Test Preparation
2.20 Suffixes - Adjectives

Directions: The following suffixes make adjectives. Review them and answer the multiple choice questions. For each of the suffixes given below, write your own example word and use it in a sentence.
-able, -ible: worth, ability
alterable: that can be altered
accessible: easily approached or entered

-al, -ial, -ical: quality, relation
accidental: quality of occurring unexpectedly, unintentionally, or by chance
financial: of, relating to, or involving money
fanatical: possessed with or motivated by excessive, irrational zeal

-ant, -ent, -ient: kind of agent, indication
ignorant: lacking education or knowledge
dependent: requiring the aid of another for support

-ar, -ary: resembling, related to
molecular: of, relating to, or consisting of molecules planetary: relating to, or resembling the characteristics of a planet

-ate: kind of state
passionate: having, or dominated by powerful emotions

-ed: having the quality of
terraced: having terraces or steps

-en: material
silken: made from silk, a fiber produced by worms

-er: comparative
brighter: more light

-est: superlative
happiest: most cheerful

-ful: having, giving, marked by
fanciful : marked by imagination

-ic: quality, relation
generic : related to a whole group

-ile: having the qualities of
projectile : something thrown with an outside force

-ing: activity
cohering : the act of sticking together

-ish: having the character of
newish : modern, recent

-ive, -ative, -itive: having the quality of
festive : having the quality of a festival or party
cooperative : being able or willing to work with another person or thing
sensitive: easily felt, responsive to the senses

-less: without, missing
motiveless : a reason for someone to do something

-ous, -eous, -ose, -ious: having the quality of, relating to
adventurous : charcterized by the desire to seek new experiences or risks
courageous : characterized by courage, brave
verbose: having more words than needed
fractious: characterized by being difficult or troublesome

-y: marked by, having
hungry : having hunger, marked by a desire

Q 1: Having the most strength.

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