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Grade 7 - Mathematics
7.13 Geometry Triangles - Review Test

Q 1: If the sides of a triangle are given by 6 cm, 5 cm and 7 cm, then the triangle is a _________ triangle.

Q 2: In a right-angled triangle its orthocentre coincides with the _________.
midpoint of the hypotenuse
the excentres

Q 3: The sum of angles of a right angled triangle other than the right angle is ______.
45 degrees
90 degrees
180 degrees

Q 4: Two sides of a triangle are 8cm. and 11cm. Then a possible third side is _____.
2 cm
3 cm
4 cm
1 cm

Q 5: A triangle whose angles are given by 75 degrees, 45 degrees and 60 degrees is a (an) ________ angled triangle.

Q 6: The point of concurrence of the medians of a triangle is called the _______ of the triangle.

Q 7: Two line segments are congruent if they have the same _____.

Q 8: In a triangle the angles are given by 55 degrees, 25 degrees and 100 degrees. The triangle is a (an) ________.
Acute angled scalene triangle
Right angled scalene triangle
Obtuse angled scalene triangle

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