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Grade 7 - Mathematics
4.7 Factorization - I

Literal factor (Division):
If two or more algebraic expressions are multiplied, their product is obtained.  Each of the algebraic expressions which are multiplied to form the product are called the factors (divisors) of the product.

Example: Express 5x - 15y as product of factors.
Solution: Break each term  into the simplest numerical and literal factors.
5x = 5 * x
15y = 3 * 5 * y
HCF of two terms = 5
Therefore 5x - 15y = 5.x - 3.5.y (5 is the HCF)
= 5(x-3y)   ...........Distributive property.

1. To factorise a multinomial means to express the multinomial as product of two or more expressions.  These two or more expressions whose product is equal to the given multinomial are called the factors (divisors) of the multinomial.  This is the reverse process of multiplication.
2. Prime Multinomial: A multinomial is said to be prime if it is divisible by one and itself only.
3. Common Factor: A number or a number - letter combination which divides all the terms of a multinomial is called a common factor of the terms of the multinomial.

Directions: Write the given terms as product of factors. Also write at least 10 examples of your own.
Q 1: Express 21a+18b as product of factors.

Q 2: Express 36x+28y as product of factors.

Q 3: Express 54a+42b as product of factors.

Q 4: Express 8a+16b as product of factors.

Q 5: Express 18a+27b as product of factors.

Q 6: Express 21a+28b as product of factors.

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