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Upper Elementary Science - II
4.7 Sound - Vibrations

A bell rings, a dog barks, an alarm clock rings. Everyday is full of familiar sounds. But what exactly is sound? Here is an example to show how sound makes the air vibrate. Stretch a piece of plastic wrap over the surface of a plastic bowl and fasten it tightly with a rubber band. Sprinkle a few grains of dry sand or rice on the plastic. Now take a big pan, hold it near the bowl, and strike it with a spoon a few times. The grains jump when you hit the pan. This is because the pan is vibrating, which causes the air and then the plastic to vibrate. Vibrating air is called sound waves.

Sound waves move out from a vibrating object in all directions, making the air move back and forth in a way that we cant see. Sounds compress and decompress the air, pushing and them relaxing, making invisible vibrations. Those back and forth vibrations spread out from the source that made them, getting weaker as they get farther away. Thatís why a person standing close is heard more clearly than someone calling from across the street.

Directions: Answer the following questions.
Q 1: Sound happens when matter moves back and forth very quickly and

Q 2: The sound of a ticking clock can be heard the best when the sound passes through
a gas
a solid
a liquid

Q 3: The loudness or softness of a sound is called

Q 4: Can sound waves be absorbed?

Q 5: Sound travels fastest through which of the following?

Q 6: Matter moving back and forth very quickly causes

Q 7: Do vibrating objects always produce sound?

Q 8: Because particles in gases are very far apart, sound moves through gases
very fast

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Question 10: This question is available to subscribers only!

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