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2.1 Triangles and Polygons

  • A simple closed figure bound by line segments is called a polygon.
  • They are two dimensional figures.
  • The line segments by which a polygon is bound are called its sides.
  • The sides do not cross each other and exactly two sides meet at every vertex.
  • A polygon is convex if no line that contains a side of the polygon contains a point in the interior of the polygon. A polygon that is not convex is called nonconvex or concave.
  • In an equilateral polygon, all sides are congruent. In an equiangular polygon, all angles in the interior of the polygon are congruent. A regular polygon is a convex polygon that is both equilateral and equiangular.
    • Polygons with three sides are called triangles.
      • A triangle is named by its vertices. If D, E, and F are the vertices of a triangle, it is called triangle DEF.
      • The symbol for a triangle is and is read as "Triangle". "DEF" is read as "Triangle DEF".
    • Polygons with four sides are called quadrilaterals.
      • A quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel and equal sides is called a parallelogram.
      • A parallelogram with 4 right angles and 4 sides equal is a square.
      • A parallelogram with 4 right angles and 2 pairs of equal sides is a rectangle.
      • A quadrilateral with only 1 pair of parallel sides is called trapezoid.
      • The diagonals of a parallelogram are not equal.
    • A polygon that has 5 sides is a pentagon.
    • A polygon that has 6 sides is a hexagon.
    • A polygon that has 7 sides is a heptagon.
    • A polygon that has 8 sides is a octagon.
    • A polygon that has 9 sides is a nonagon.
    • A polygon that has 10 sides is a decagon.
    • A polygon that has 12 sides is a dodecagon.
    • A polygon that has n sides is a n-gon.
    • A solid formed by plane figures is a polyhedron.
    • Cube is an example of a polyhedron.

    On a sheet of paper draw the following:
    * At least 10 examples of polygons and name their properties.
    * 5 convex polygons and 5 concave polygons
    * 5 regular polygons
    * 5 figures which are not polygons and explain why.
    * A convex triangle, a regular polygon that is equiangular, triangle that is not regular, pentagon that is equilateral but not equiangular
    Select if the following statements are true or false.

  • Q 1: A circle is a polygon.

    Q 2: All triangles are polygons.

    Q 3: Which figure is convex polygon?


    Q 4: Which figure is concave polygon?


    Q 5: Which figure is convex polygon?


    Q 6: If A, B, and C are three points, then the union of AB, BC and CA is triangle ABC.

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