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MEAP Preparation - Grade 7 Mathematics
1.81 Decimal Word Problems - Challenging

Q 1: If you had a half a dollar, three quarters, eight dimes, six nickels, and nine pennies, how much money would you have all together? (Hint: Add 0.50, 0.75, 0.80, 0.30 and 0.09)

Q 2: If your weekly salary is $415.00, how much do you take home each week after deductions are made for federal income tax of $82.13, state tax of $9.74, social security and Medicare tax of $31.75, and retirement plan deduction of $41.50.

Q 3: Carpeting costs $7.99 a yard. If Jan buys 12.4 yards, how much will it cost her? (Round it to two decimal places)

Q 4: If cashews cost $6.59 a pound, how much would it cost to buy two and a quarter pound of cashews? (Hint: Convert the mixed fraction to improper fraction or decimal number and multiply with the quantity required.)

Q 5: Kim's scores in the diving competition were 7.2, 6.975, 8.0, and 6.96. What is her total score?

Q 6: The winning Football team received $958,394.31. This money was split among 29 players and the coach. The players got 1 share each and and the coach got 0.875 shares, how much would one share be worth? (Hint: Divide the total amount by 29.875 shares.)

Q 7: Gold costs $453.122 an ounce. How much would 3/8 of an ounce cost? (Hint: 3/8 = 0.375)

Q 8: Sally scored 9.007 in gymnastics. Jack scored 8.949. How much higher was Sally's score than Jack's?

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