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MEAP Preparation - Grade 7 Mathematics
2.18 Representative Ratio

Representative Ratio = Distance in a drawing or sketch : Actual distance on the ground.

Example: A sketch is drawn to the scale 1 cm = 2 km, find the representative ratio.

The scale on the sketch is,1 cm = 2 km.
First, make all the units consistent, i.e., change 2 km into cm.
i.e., 2 km = 2 x 1000m x 100cm = 200,000 cm.
Therefore, the Representative Ratio = 1 : 200,000

Directions: Answer the following questions. Also write at least ten examples of your own.
Q 1: The length of a bridge is 2631 m. What will be its length in a map with a Representative Ratio of 1:100,000?
1.0 cm
26.31 cm
2.563 cm
2.631 cm

Q 2: The height of Mt. Kanchanganga is 8.58 km. What will be its height in a map with Representative Ratio of 1:250,000?
2.5 cm
3.432 cm
34.2 cm
3.500 cm

Q 3: The minimum distance between two cities is 40 km, what will be the distance between them in a map with Representative Ratio of 1:200,000?
20 cm
40 cm
4 cm
30 cm

Q 4: Area of Lake Superior is 81,460 sq km. What will be its area in a map drawn with a Representative Ratio of 1:4,000,000?
45.64 sq cm
50.91 sq cm
55.96 sq cm
58.36 sq cm

Q 5: Distance between Los Angeles and San Fransisco is 360 km. In a map, this distance is shown as 1.8 cm. Find the Representative Ratio of the map.

Q 6: The Representative Ratio of a map is 1:4,000,000. In this map, the distance between Los Angeles and Chicago is 42 cm; and the distance between Detroit and New York is 30 cm. What is the actual distances between these pairs of cities?
1680 km and 1200 km respectively
2100 km and 1860 km respectively
1860 km and 2100 km respectively
1200 km and 1680 km respectively

Q 7: Distance between two cities is 30 km. In a map the same distance is shown as 2 cm. Find the Representative Ratio of the map.

Q 8: Height of Mt. Everest is 8.89 km. In a map, its height is shown as 4.445cm. What is the Representative Ratio of the map?

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