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Math Word Problems - GED, PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE Preparation
8.15 Percentage Word Problems - 2

Example 1:
Ria bought a dress with a price tag of $24. She paid only $6. What percent discount did she get?
The actual discount she received = $24 - $6 = $18 This discount was on the regular price of $24. Therefore, percent discount = (18/24) x 100 = 75%

Example 2:
John paid $9 for a book after a discount of 75%. What was the original price?
He paid $9 for the book after 75% discount. That means he paid 25% of the original price.
If 25% is $9, how much is 100%?
Therefore, Original Price = (100/25) x 9 = $36

Directions: Answer the following qustions. Also write at least ten story problem examples of your own.
Q 1: The price of a new car is $14,450. Mr. Smith made a down payment of 15% when he purchased the car. How much did he pay?

Q 2: A worker paid a tax of 18.6% on $912.24 of his income. How much money did he pay?

Q 3: In a mathematics test, Bob received a score of 75%. If each problem counted equally, and Bob had 9 problems correct, then how many problems were on the test?

Q 4: Jill bought a dress for $38.80 that was originally priced at $48.50. By what percent was the dress reduced from the original price? (Hint: Subtract the two prices and then divide with the original price)

Q 5: James did 12 problems correctly in Test 1. There were 16 problems in Test 1. What percent of his problems were correct. (Hint: First, find what part of 16 is 12 and then convert the decimal to percent)

Q 6: Mr. Williamson, a parts inspector, rejected 21 parts from a total of 420 parts. Of the parts inspected, what percent was accepted? (Hint: Divide 399/420 and then convert the decimal to percent)

Q 7: At a store, a dress sold for $56. This represented 80% of the original price. What was the original price?

Q 8: Cathy bought for $75 a coat which usually sells for $125. What percent of the original price did she pay? (Hint: Divide 75/125 and then convert the decimal to percent)

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