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Grade 6 - Mathematics
3.27 Rational Numbers Word Problems

Q 1: Peter had 29/4 dollars. He bought a book for 11/2 dollars. How many dollars does he have remaining with him now?
7/4 dollars
7 dollars
4 dollars

Q 2: A man earned 37/2 dollars in one day. Out of this he spent 23/4 dollars on food, 3/2 dollars on bus fare, and 9/4 dollars on a pen. How many dollars does he have remaining with him now?
9 dollars
9/2 dollars
8 dollars

Q 3: The sum of two rational numbers is 17/69. If one of them is 1/23, find the other.

Q 4: Tim's backpack weighed 7/2 pounds. He added two more books weighing 5/4 pounds and 2/5 pounds respectively. What is the total weight of his bag now?
100/20 pounds
103/10 pounds
103/20 pounds

Q 5: A movie lasted for 7/3 hours -- of this 3/4 hours was used for showing advertisements, news, and trailers. What is the duration of the actual movie?
19/12 minutes
12/19 hours
19/12 hours

Q 6: Subtract the sum of 33/2 and 26/5 from 46/3 ?

Q 7: Jacob made 7/2 gallons of fruit punch for a party -- of this 5/4 gallons was consumed. How much fruit punch is remaining now?
9/4 gallons
9 gallons
4 gallons

Q 8: The sum of two rational numbers is 15/16. If one of them is 121/112, find the other.

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