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Grammar, Punctuation, and Style
1.14 Verb Tense - Present, Past, and Future


The past tense of many verbs is formed by adding ed.
remember + ed = remembered
climb + ed = climbed

If a verb ends in e, drop e before adding ed.
phone - phoned
arrive - arrived

If a verb ends in y, change the y to i before adding ed.
carry - carried
try - tried

If a verb ends in a short vowel followed by a single consonant, double the final consonant.
trip- tripped
pop - popped


The present tense verb tells what is happening right now. To form present-tense verbs, use the plain verbs or use is or are before the verb and adding ing to the verb.
We eat. We are eating.
He servers. He is serving.

Note: However 'ing' is also used for present, past, and future progressive tense.
Present Progressive: using am/is/are with verb form ending in -ing. Example: is examining
Past Progressive: using was/were with the verb form ending in -ing. Example: was examining
Future Progressive: using will be or shall be with the verb form ending in -ing. Example: will be examining or shall be examined


The future tense verb tells about things that will happen in the future. To form the future-tense verb, use will/shall before the verb.
We will be eating.
Tomorrow we will walk to school.
When you use will, you may also have to add a helping verb and the ending ing.
Tomorrow we will be walking to school.

Directions: Choose proper verb tense for the underlined word to make grammatically correct sentence. Write five example sentences for each of the verb tenses. As homework, read a book or a magazine and find two sentences each in present, past, and future tense.
Q 1: Tomorrow, I buy a donut.
will buy

Q 2: I mop the kitchen floor.

Q 3: First, she frowned, and then she smile.

Q 4: The leaves begin to fall from the trees.
are beginning

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