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Online Quiz (Worksheet A B C D)

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Grade 5 - English Language
1.51 Idioms - 2

Directions: Choose the best definitions of the idiom written in bold.
Q 1: Jan put her foot in her mouth when she was talking to her teacher.
sang a song
made a thoughtless remark
danced on her tunes

Q 2: Tom is in the dark about our plans to throw a surprise birthday party.
in a dark room
not in the house

Q 3: Sally's mom blew up when she saw her report card.
got very upset
was very happy
fly up in the air

Q 4: Bob felt that he missed the boat when he turned down the chance to work at the library.
came late and missed the boat
lost an opportunity
lost a friend

Q 5: They hired a clown for the young boy's birthday party to help break the ice.
get a drink for everyone
break the ice cubes
put everyone to ease

Q 6: The students were flying high on the last day of school.
flying in a hot air balloon
excited and happy
reading book

Q 7: My parents will foot the bill for my birthday party.
catch it
pay for
earn it

Q 8: The children were bouncing off the walls when the baby-sitter tried to put them to bed.
misbehaving, acting in a wild way
bouncing the balls all around
listening to music

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