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Grade 5 - English Language
5.11 Final Review Test

Q 1: In writing a friendly letter you begin with the __________.

Q 2: Because I helped my mother, she was able to finish her work quickly. Is the underlined part of the sentence cause or effect?

Q 3: Bob went outside to play. He liked to play baseball.
Which of the following is correct?
play = adverb
baseball = proper noun
he = pronoun
Bob = pronoun

Q 4: What is a summary?
a detailed story
a short description of what a book is about
the last paragraph of a book
the index of a book

Q 5: Which of the following is NOT a correct compound sentence?
The dog barked; we ran.
The dog barked, we ran.
The dog barked, and we ran.

Q 6: Which of the following is a pair of antonyms?
former, earlier
accomplish, fail
voyage, journey
occasion, event

Q 7: What is a simile?
a humorous passage
a comparision of two things using 'as' or 'like'
a metaphor
a word that connects two sentences

Q 8: Which of the following is NOT a pair of synonyms?
transform, change
decline, accept
delicate, flimsy
deteriorate, fade

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