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Grade 5 - English Language
3.10 Animal Sayings - 1

Idioms or sayings are phrases or sentences that do not exactly mean what the words say. Because of popular usage, they have special meanings understandable only to the people of that culture and region. Often people use sayings that compare people to animals. In this chapter, you will learn about animal sayings commonly used in (American) English language.

Directions: Read the animal saying given in the question, and select the meaning that is most appropriate.

Q 1: You are barking up the wrong tree!
You see a dog barking at a tree.
You have cut down the wrong tree.
You have got the wrong idea.

Q 2: doggie bag
a bag to carry a dog
old and torn bag
a bag or a box of leftover food

Q 3: Do not bite the hand that feeds you.
Eat moderately and watch your weight.
Eat carefully, otherwise you might bite your hand.
Don't harm someone who helps you.

Q 4: You're chasing your own tail.
You are working hard but not achieving anything.
You should chase somebody else's tail!
Tie up your pony tail so that you look pretty.

Q 5: It's a dog-eat-dog world.
Some dogs eat other dogs.
People are cannibals.
It's a very competitive world.

Q 6: I've been working like a dog.
I like to train my dog to do tricks.
I've been lazy and bored.
I've been working very hard.

Q 7: It's a dog's life.
Dog's life is good.
Life is difficult.
Dog's and humans are good friends.

Q 8: I'm in the doghouse.
I am a dog
I'm in trouble
I am feeding my dog

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