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Online Quiz (Worksheet A B C D)

Questions Per Quiz = 2 4 6 8 10

Grade 4 - English Language
1.26 Vocabulary - 6

Directions: Answer the questions. Write sentences using the words in the answers. As a homework, learn at least five new words -- you may find the new words from a book or a dictionary.
Q 1: glare
watchful, alert
an old apartment building
to stand for
to give an angry look

Q 2: ponder
to think about something carefully
to give
a feeling of fear or being discouraged
to plan

Q 3: etc. (abbreviation of the Latin phrase, 'et cetera')
an alien.
So on and so forth.

Q 4: plunge
lazy and tired
to bite with teeth
to sleep often
a steep and rapid fall

Q 5: enthusiasm
showing inspiration and excitment
aversion or dislike towards something
feeling of boredom
expression of anger

Q 6: dispute
a disagreement or an argument
to empty something
to distribute equally

Q 7: dismay
feeling of confusion due to anger or fear
to stand for
disassemble something
to think about something carefully

Q 8: exclaim
to accept responsibility
clean their teeth daily
never get sick
say aloud often with surprise, horror, or joy

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