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Grade 4 - English Language
2.49 Paragraph

Writing can be more interesting when fewer words are used. Combining sentences is easy when the subjects are the same.

Sally woke up. Sally brushed her teeth. Sally ate her breakfast.
Sally woke up, brushed her teeth and ate her breakfast.

Combining sentences with more than one subject is a little more complicated.

Jill went to the store will Sally. Jill is Sally's sister.
Jill went to the store with Sally, her sister.

Molly likes to play with dolls. Molly is my younger sister.
Molly, my younger sister, likes to play with dolls.

Some simple sentences can be combined into one sentence.

Simple sentences: The bird sang. The bird is tiny. The bird was on the tree.
Combined sentence: The tiny bird sang on the tree.

A paragraph is a group of sentences that share the same idea.

Directions: Rewrite each pair of sentences as one sentence. Write five more examples of how two sentences with the same subject and two sentences with different subjects can be combined.
Q 1: Molly and Polly both love to paint. Polly is Molly's cousin.
Molly and Polly both love to paint and Polly is Molly's cousin
Molly and Polly, Molly's cousin, both love to paint.

Q 2: The big boys laughed. They were friendly. They helped the little boys.
The big boys laughed and friendly and helped the little boys.
The big, friendly boys laughed as they helped the little boys.

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