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Grade 2 - English Language
4.15 The Spanish Conquerors

Directions: Read this article, answer the questions, and then draw a picture to illustrate what you read. As a homework, find out more about the Aztec and Inca and write an essay about them.

After Columbus, more and more people from Spain came to North and South America. Most of the Spaniards were hoping to find gold and other riches. Spaniards are people who came from Spain. The Inca and the Aztec had a lot of gold and riches that the Spaniards wanted. The Spaniards had to fight to get the gold and other riches. They conquered the Aztec and the Inca.

In Spanish, a conqueror is called conquistador [kon-kee-stah-dor]. That is what we call the Spaniards who defeated the Native Americans. One Spaniard, named Hernando Cortez led the other Spaniards to conqueror the Aztec civilization. The leader of the Aztec was Montezuma. Not many years later, the Inca were conquered by a Spaniard named Francisco Pizarro.

Q 1: Hernando Cortez led the Spaniards against the _________.

Q 2: Who defeated the Inca?
Hernando Cortez
Christopher Columbus
Fracisco Pizarro

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