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Upper Elementary Science - I
4.13 Magnetism - Introduction

Put some paper clips on a table. Bring a magnet near them. The clips almost seem alive as they jump up to the magnet. That is what it looks like but what really happens is that the magnet exerts a force of attraction on the paper clips. The force cannot be seen but it is there and it is strong enough to pull the clips off the table once the magnet moves close enough to them. The paper clips are made of a metal that has iron in it. Magnets attract things that are made of iron. But magnets wont attract copper or aluminum. Bring a magnet close to a copper penny or an aluminum soda can and it wont attract to them.

Many magnets used today have been manufactured out of metals containing iron. People make some magnets, but others occur in nature. They can be found in stones in the earth called lodestones. Lodestones are special pieces of iron ore that act just like the magnets. Lodestones were the first magnets ever found.

People use magnetic force everyday, whether it is to attach a note to the refrigerator or lift an old wrecked car at a junkyard. Magnets work around the home in doorbells, television sets, and electric can openers.

Magnetic Poles

Put two bar magnets on a table. Bring an end of one of the magnet towards an end of the other. Now turn just one of the magnets around and bring the ends together. If your magnets pulled together the first time, then this time they will push apart. If your magnets pushed apart the first time, then this time they will pull together.

This happens because of the magnetic force field created by the magnet. The magnetic field is present in the space around the magnet in which the magnetic force can be felt. If a paper clip is put inside the magnetic field, the magnet will attract the clip. The magnetic force is strongest at the two ends of the magnet. Those two ends are called the magnetic poles.

The two poles are called the North Pole and the South Pole. The magnets find the forces of magnetic attraction that exist in nature. Great fields of magnetic attraction that surround the earth pull them. The earth is like a great big magnet.

The magnetic fields surrounding the earth are strongest very near the North Pole and the South Pole. So, one end of the magnet is pointing the north and the other is pointing the south. And that is why the poles of the magnet are called north and south. Unlike poles attract each other but like poles repel. The north pole of a magnet pulls or attracts the south pole of another magnet. But if two north poles are bought together, or two south poles are brought together, they repel each other.

Directions: Answer the following questions. Write about magnets and magnetism in your own words.
Q 1: Where can magnets be found?
in the trees
in the earth
in the clouds

Q 2: Is the Earth a magnet?
no, not a magnet at all
yes, a big magnet

Q 3: Magnets repel from iron.

Q 4: Electromagnets are very powerful.

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