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Lower Elementary Science
2.24 Life Cycle of a Plant

What happens when a seed is planted in the ground?

With the right combination of soil, water, and temperature, the seed sprouts and a plant starts growing. Roots grow down and leaves grow up. The plant grows bigger until it is mature enough to make flowers.

Flowers help the plant reproduce. Part of the flower makes male pollen. Then the wind blows or maybe a bee lands on the flower and carries the male pollen to the female part of the flower, called the ovule. Ovule means little egg.

When this happens, it is said that the ovule has been fertilized and now it can grow until it becomes a seed.

If you plant that seed in the ground it sprouts and a new plant grows. It makes new seeds, and the plants life cycle goes on.

Directions: Answer the following questions.

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Lower Elementary Science
2.24 Life Cycle of a Plant

Q 1: With water, the right temperature and the right location (e.g. soil) the seed begins to make a new plant.

Q 2: What does a seed need to sprout?
soil, water, and sunlight
candy, pop, and sugar
cereals, milk, and sugar
root, seed, and a flower

Q 3: You plant a ____ in the ground.

Q 4: The plant grows big until it matures to make branches, buds, and _____.

Q 5: ______ are easily stored, compact, and are usually dark brown. They survive in extraordinary circumstances.

Q 6: In the life cycle of a plant what comes next?
seed, sprout, plant, bud, _____.

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