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Grade 5 - Mathematics
9.3 Scale

  1. A scale drawing uses a ratio called its scale to show the relationship between the size of the things in the drawing and their actual size.
  2. When the scale is written in simplest form, it is called the scale factor.
Example: A scale drawing uses a scale of 1 inch = 6 ft. If it is 3 feet on the drawing, what is the actual size?
1 inch = 6 ft
3 inches = 18 ft
Answer: 18 ft

Directions: Answer the following questions. Also write at least 10 examples of your own.
Q 1: John has made a plan of his office room with a scale of 1inch = 2 feet. if his side wall is 5 inches long. How long is it actually?
5 feet
15 feet
10 feet

Q 2: Which of these is an examples of a scale.
a floor plan of a building
a rectangle
a circle

Q 3: Megan has made a plan of her room with a scale of 1inch = 3 feet. On her plan the side wall is 5 inches long. How long is it actually?
20 feet
5 feet
15 feet

Q 4: The penny has a diameter(distance across) of 3/4 inch. Suppose the scale drawing of the penny has a diameter of 3 centimeters. The scale of the model is ____ inch.

Q 5: A set of landscape plans a flower bed that is 6.5 inches wide. The scale on the plans is 1 inch = 4 feet. The width of the actual flower bed is ___ feet.

Q 6: On a plan the length of a schoolyard is 2 centimeters. It is actually 50 meters long. What is the scale of the plan?
50 meters
25 meters
12.5 meters

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