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Grade 3 - Mathematics
4.4 Ordinal Numbers


  1. When objects are placed in order we use ordinal numbers to address each object.
  2. Such numbers are called ordinal numbers.
1st first 11th eleventh 21st twenty-first
2nd second 12th twelfth 22nd twenty-second
3rd third 13th thirteenth 23rdtwenty-third
4th fourth14th fourteenth 24th twenty-fourth
5th fifth15th fifteenth 25th twenty-fifth
6thsixth 16th sixteenth 26th twenty-sixth
7thseventh 17th seventeenth 27th twenty-seventh
8th eighth 18theighteenth 28thtwenty-eighth
9th ninth19th nineteenth 29th twenty-ninth
10thtenth 20th twentieth30th thirtieth

What is the ordinal number for 15th.
This is written as Fifteenth.
Answer: Fifteenth

Directions: Answer the following questions. Also write at least ten examples of your own.
Q 1: When objects are placed in order we use ordinal numbers to tell their position.

Q 2: The first ten ordinal numbers are: first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth and _____

Q 3: Fill in the pattern for ordinal numbers: Eleventh, Twelfth , Thirteenth, Fourteenth, ______.

Q 4: Fill in the pattern: Fifteenth Sixteenth Seventeenth Eighteenth Nineteenth _________

Q 5: Seven students ran a swimming race, the student that swam the fastest would be in the
first place
second place
ones place
third place

Q 6: What is the ordinal number for 29
twenty ninty
twenty nine
twenty ninth

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