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Grade 3 - Mathematics
10.5 Divisor, Dividend, Quotient, and Remainder

  • Multiplication:
    In multiplication two numbers are given and we find their product as
    5 × 15 = ?
    5 × 15 = 75
  • Division:
    We can rewrite the above multiplication as a division problem as:
    What number times 15 equals 75?
    ? × 15 = 75
    This is a division problem.
    • Division is also called the inverse of multiplication. To find the answer we have to divide as:
      ? = 75 ÷ 15
      Here we have to divide 75 into groups of 15
      75 ÷ 15 = 5
      75 divided by 15 equals 5
    • Else we could subtract 15 from 75 five times.
  • Multiplication is repeated addition and division is repeated subtraction.
    • 15 is called the divisor.
    • 75 is called the dividend. It is the number being divided.
    • 4 is called the quotient.
In a division problem:
  1. The number that is divided is called the dividend.
  2. The number that divides the dividend is called divisor.
  3. The number of times the dividend is divisible by the divisor is called the quotient.
  4. If the dividend is completely not divisible by the divisor it leaves behind a remainder.
Example: How do you check if the division is right?

Dividend = Quotient x Divisor + Remainder
Here the remainder is 0
Hence 8 = 4 x 2
Answer: Multiply the quotient and the divisor

Directions: Answer the following questions. Also write at least 5 examples of your own for division with remainder and division without remainder.
Q 1: In the problem 30/5 = 6, what is the answer?

Q 2: To check if a division problem was solved correctly,
multiply the remainder and the divisor and add the quotient.
multiply the quotient and the divisor and add the remainder.
multiply the quotient and the dividend and subtract the remainder.

Q 3: In the problem 30/5 = 6, what is the quotient?

Q 4: The number you are dividing by is called

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