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Writing, Speech, Debate, & General Knowledge
2.12 2007 AIM4A Public Speaking Contest Level 2

Directions: Public Speaking Level 2 (Grade 6 and higher) contestants may choose either Topic #21 or Topic #22. Contestants are expected to speak on their topic for 3 minutes. Judging criteria are shown at: AIM4A Website.

Topic #21:

Michigan's economy is going through a challenging time. The state's unemployment rate of around 7% is among the highest in the nation. Home prices in the state are falling as jobs and workers are leaving the state. The state government has been facing a stubborn budget deficit. If you were the Governor of Michigan, what policies and actions would you undertake to restore the economic growth in the state?

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Topic #22:

Scientists have now reached a consensus that anthropogenic climate change (a.k.a. global warming caused by humans) is occurring. If unchecked, this climate change could have devastating consequences for the life on earth. If you were the President of the United States of America, what policies and actions would you undertake to mitigate the anthropogenic climate change?

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