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Grade 6 - Mathematics
11.7 Probability and Statistics Review Test

Q 1: A spinner has four equal parts of yellow, green, blue and red. What is the probability of spinning a red, yellow, green or blue (in percentage)?

Q 2: In nine games, a basketball team scored the following points per game: 67, 45, 84, 55, 73, 36, 80, 62 and 38. Find their median score.

Q 3: What is the probability that you will draw an odd number from a deck of cards numbered 1 through 15?

Q 4: What is the probability of getting heads with a coin?

Q 5: __________ is a graph that is useful for comparing the amounts for two sets of data.
Line graph
Bar graph
Double bar graph

Q 6: Which of the following is an example of experimental probability?
all of the other choices
rolling a number die
spinning a spinner
pulling a marble from a jar

Q 7: Which of the following events does not have a unique answer? (Hint: the answer depends on the letter or number chosen).
picking a letter from the word MATHEMATICS
rolling a number 1
picking a letter from the alphabet

Q 8: __________ is a graph that uses pictures or symbols to show data.
line graph
bar graph

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Question 10: This question is available to subscribers only!

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