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American History
5.3 Review Test 3

Q 1: What is Palisades?
The mountains that were surrounding were called as Palisades.
The houses of the Indians are called as Palisades.
this name is given to the wall of rock on the Hudson, because, when seen near by, it somewhat resemb

Q 2: Name the famous Virginian Orator?
Eli Whitney
Thomas Jefferson
Patrick Henry

Q 3: What is Sash?
A red hot iron used to chase the Indians
The iron laden used to take red hot coals.
Frame usually of wood holding pans of glass.

Q 4: The war between North America and South America lasted from ---- to -----

Q 5: Why was the American army called the continental army?
Because it had to fight for Asia.
Because it should fight for both south and north America.
Because it had to fight for Europe.

Q 6: What was special about Robert Gray?
He was the first man to buy Otter's skins for an old iron Chisel.
He was the first man to goto the Pacific coast to buy furs from Indians.
He was the first man who carried American flag round the globe.

Q 7: Which was turned into a makeshift hospital?
a little log meeting house
a school
a church

Q 8: What was the nick name given to Benjamin's dish?
Corndust Pudding
Pudding of Corn
Sawdust Pudding.

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