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American History
5.2 Review Test 2

Q 1: Eli's fiddle seem to say -------------
Whatever is done to be done to your satisfaction.
Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well.
Whatever you do, do it properly.

Q 2: "I learnt from a good old mother" - What did Andy learn?
He learnt to talk and to do what he believed to be right.
He learnt to be sincere and friendly
He learnt to be service minded.

Q 3: In modern days to fire : Match Stick :: The Red Indians used to fire .-------
Make use of firewood
Dipped rags in Brimstone
Make use of Brimstone

Q 4: What was worn by King Philippe during occassions?
He wore grey blanket with a silver crown studded with pearls.
He wore a bright red blanket, and a kind of crown made of a broad belt ornamented with shells.
He wore a silk robe and a golden crown studded with diamonds.

Q 5: Where is Sevier's monument?
North Carolina
On the banks of Watuga river

Q 6: Puritans : stayed in England :: Pilgrims : --------
fled to America
fled to Holland
fled to Asia

Q 7: Every first Monday is celebrated as Washing day in England, why?
they reached Cape Cod on first Monday as soon as they reached the women of the pilgrims went to shor
they reached Cape Cod on first Monday as soon as they reached the Captain asked them to wash their v
they reached Cape Cod on first Monday as soon as they reached the men of the pilgrims went to shore.

Q 8: How does America glorify the discovery of Columbus?
By giving one of the city's name after Columbus
by installing the statue of Columbus in the heart of the city New York.
by a Great fair called "World's Columbian Exposition"

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