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Writing, Speech, Debate, & General Knowledge
1.25 Writing From Knowledge and Experience

(Source: 2006 Grade 8 MEAP Released Documents)


Being given a new right or privilege usually means accepting the responsibilities that go with it. For example, when you learn to drive a car, you must also be willing to follow the rules of the road.

Do ONLY ONE of the following:

describe a special privilege or right that people your age are sometimes given and discuss the responsibilities that go with it
convince readers that they cannot expect to be given a new right or privilege without being ready to carry out the responsibilities that go with it
tell about a time when were given a new right or privilege and had to accept the responsibilities that went with it
explain how someone lost a privilege as a result of not being responsible
write about the theme in your own way

Directions: Use this checklist to help you with your response. Use separate sheets for planning your work and for writing your final response.
  • ____ Do I have a clear central idea that connects to the theme?
  • ____ Do I stay focused on the theme?
  • ____ Do I support my central idea with important details/examples?
  • ____ Do I need to take out details/examples that DO NOT support my central idea?
  • ____ Do I use a variety of words, phrases, and/or sentences?
  • ____ Have I spelled, punctuated, and capitalized my writing to help readers understand it?

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