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American History
2.12 Ebenezer "Blazing tree"

The people settled in Georgia had peaceful and calm life. After sometime some German protestants whohad been cruelly driven out from their native land on account their religion came to Georgia. General Oglethorpe welcomed them cheerfully and gave them land. Germans went up the river and then went back a number of miles into the woods. There they picked up a place for a town and named it the bible name "Ebenezer" which means "The Lord Hath helped us".

As there was no proper way through the forest Germans blazed the trees, that is they chopped the bark off, so that they could find their way through the forest when they wanted to goto Savannah. Every tree stood like a guide post and showed the traveler which way to go until, he came in sight of the next one.

The settlers reared silkworms and (a kind of catterpillar which spins a fine soft thread of its silky made) as mulberry trees were numerous in Georgia. They were able to produce silk which was presented to the Queen of England. She had a beautiful dress made out of it. It was the first American silk dress ever worn by an English Queen. Soon the production of silk was stopped. Instead cotton was produced. The people of Georgia kept out Spaniards who were trying to occupy the country North of Florida. The settlers in Georgia, people of South Carolina and North Carolina joined the hands in the war of Independence. When the war of revolution began, the King had a lot of gun powder stored in Savannah. The people broke into the building rolled out the cakes and carried the gun power off. One part they kept for themselves and another part they sent to Massachusetts. The people who fought at Bunker hill might have loaded their guns with some of the powder given by their friends in Savannah.

General Oglethorpe lived to a very great age. He spent his last years in England. After the revolution the treaty by which England monarch promised independence to America. General Ogle was able to read treaty without spectacles. He had lived to see the colonies of Georgia which he had founded become a free and independent state.

Directions: Answer the following multiple choice questions. Also, answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:
  1. Why did Germans come to Georgia
  2. How did blazed trees guide the settlers?

Q 1: What does the bible name "Ebenezer" mean?
The Lord Hath helped us
The Lord of Trees
The Lord of Chopped trees

Q 2: Name the states that shared gun powder among themselves?
Florida, Bunker hill and Massachusetts
Savannah, Florida and Georgia
Savannah, Massachusetts and Bunker hill

Q 3: Why did the Germans blaze the trees?
To build roads
To build houses
To find out the way through forest

Q 4: What is blazing?
chopping the bark off
burning the trees
make barks shine

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