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American History
2.18 Settlement of the Philadelphia

William Penn reached America in 1682. He sailed up the broad and beautiful Delaware river for nearly twenty miles. Then he stopped and decided to build up a city on the the bank. He gave the place the Bible name Philadelphia means the city of Brotherly love. He hoped that all its citizens would live together like brothers. The streets were named after the trees of the region. So today many are still called Walnut, Pine, Cedar, Vine and so on.

Penn held a great meeting under a great elm tree with the Indians to have a good relationship with them. Even today this tree is seen in Philadelphia. Here Penn and the red men made a treaty by which they promised each other that they would live together as friends as long as the water should run in the rivers or the sun shine in the sky. (Treaty is nothing but solemn promise or agreement). After 100 years while the revolutionary war was going the British army took possession of the city. As it was cold winter men wanted fire wood, but the English general thought so much of William Penn that he had set a guard of soldier round the great Elm to prevent anyone from chopping it down.

No longer after the great meeting under elm tree, Penn visited some of the natives wigwams. He had dined with them. Indians exhibited their skills to him like running, leaping and so on. Penn as a college student was fond of doing such things. He recalled his college days and played with them. Thus, he won the hears of Indians. From that moment the friendship started between the English and the Indian which lasted for 60 years. Indians believed quackers and said Quackers were honest men. Indian welcomed more and more number of Quackers. While in Massachusetts, there was terrible war between Indians and the English but in Penn it was very calm.

Directions: Answer the following multiple choice questions. Also, answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:
  1. How did William Penn develop a city for the settlement of English
  2. Write short notes on a Great Meeting

Q 1: How was the relationship prevailed between the Quackers and the natives?
An enemity was prevailing between them.
A Cordial relationship prevailed
There was hatredness between the two.

Q 2: When did William Penn reach America?
In the year 1686
In the year 1689
In the year 1682

Q 3: Where was the Great Meeting held?
Under the Cedar tree
Under the Elm tree
Under the Pine tree

Q 4: What were the names given to the streets of Philadelphia?
They were named after the names of the different kinds of animals like cat, dog etc
The streets were named after the trees of that region such as walnut, pine, cedar etc
They were named after the names of the Kings Charles, Henry etc

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