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American History
1.23 Establishment of Providence

People of Massachusetts understood that it was difficult to get on with Roger, who went condemning English monarch. Therefore, the chief of Boston sent a constable down to Salem in order to seize Roger and send him back to London. When Roger knew this he escaped to the woods.

Roger decided to go to the old Massasoit for help. It was a black day and heavy snowfall. Massasoit was living eighty miles south west from Salem, near Mount Hope which is now Rhode Island. Roger went on through thick forest on foot. As there were no proper road through the woods, the journey was tiresome, despite he did not hesitate, he took hatchet to chop firewood, flint and steel to strike fire with (for in those days people ahd no matches) and pocket compass to make out directions.

All day he wadered wearily on through the deep snow, only stopping now and then to rest or to look at his compass and make sure that he was going in the right direction. He gathered wood enough to make fire to warm himself or he melted snow to drink. He slept on the bow of the trees or in the hollows of a tree. There he would fall asleep in the midst of the howling wind or to the fears howling of the hungry wolves prowling about the woods. After the great struggle he reached the abode of Massachusetts wigwam. He was kept in the poor cabin till spring. All Indians including Massasoit even Canonicus, the savage chief of the neighboring tribes, who had challenged the governor Bradford to fight, like the young minister. Canonicus exclaimed that he loved the young minister as his old son.

In the spring of 1636, Roger began building a hut for himself at Seeknok on the east banks of Seeknok river. It was told that his cabin stood on the ground owned by the people of Masschusetts. He took canoe and sought for a new place to build.

"What cheer, what cheer", the shout came from Indians who were standing on the western bank of the river Seeknok. That was the Indian way of saying how do you do? The minister was very glad and landed on what is now called "What Cheer Rock?" the red Indians showed the place little further away which was owned by Canonicus. Canonicus offered the land to the minister very gladly. Williams believed that the King of providence "Jesus Christ" had guided him to this pleasant place and for this reason he named it as Providence. Providence was the first settlement made in America which offered a home to all men without asking them anything about their religion, church etc. Providence grew in time to be the chief city in the state of Rhode Island. All joined hands together to fight for the liberty, during revolution.

Directions: Answer the following multiple choice questions. Also, answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:
1. Narrate the incidents what made Roger Williams flee from Salem?
2. Summarize his journey through the woods?

Q 1: Eastern bank of Seeknok:Massasoit :: western bank of Seeknok : ---------------
Roger Williams
John Winthrop

Q 2: What do you mean by hatchet?
Hatchet is a small hut
Hatchet is a tiny purse
Hatchet is a small knife

Q 3: Why did William call his new settlement Providence?
the name was selected by the Indians.
He believed that a King of providence had guided him to that present place.
he liked the name very much.

Q 4: Where did Massasoits live?
he lived in Plymouth.
he lived in Massachusetts.
he lived near Mount Hope southwest from Salem

Q 5: Where did he sleep in the thick forest?
On the tree
On the bow of tree or in the hollow tree

Q 6: Where did Roger build his hut at first?
At first he built in the eastern banks of Seeknok river.
He built at Massachusetts.
he built in a forest next to a river bank.

Q 7: What were the things carried by Roger?
Maps and pocket compass.
Food and clothes
Hatchet, flint and steel and pocket compass

Q 8: Why did he go to western bank?
He wanted to find a new settlement there.
He went there to meet the Indians.
As the land was owned by the people of Massachusetts.

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