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American History
1.11 Post Lord Baltimore Period


Lord Baltimore could not go to Maryland because of his unexpected death.  Ultimately his eldest son became "Lord Baltimore".  He sent emigrants both Protestants and Catholics to Maryland. He assured that both the groups would have equal rights in Maryland. In the year 1634, during a spring season these people landed on a little island near the mouth of the river "Potomac", there they cut a tree and carved a large cross, then kneeling round the cross they all joined in prayer to God for their safe journey ahead.


Then they moved onto the shore of the river, where they met the Indians.  The English asked place for their settlement in return the English promised to give hatchets, knives and beads. The Indians were astonished at the size of the English ship, as they never came across such a big ship. They were accustomed only to their canoes, which was made out of the trunk of a tree hollowed out.  They wondered where the English found such a big tree to make the ship.

They landed on March 25th, which is considered as a sacred day for Virgin Mary.  The new land was given the name "St. Mary's".  The Indians gave one of the biggest wigwams to the settlers.  One of the priests named Father White, made a Catholic church out of it.  It was the first English Catholic Church that was revealed to America.

The Indians and the English worked together and the Indians were very helpful. They taught the men how to hunt in the forest.  Also the Indian women taught the English how to make hominy and bake Johnny-cake before the open fire.

Maryland became an example of its own kind.  It was the first American settlement where the complete religious liberty was assured to one and all. Lord Baltimore invited people from other settlements who were driven out on the basis of religion. Thus, he proved that he was a noble man.

But this state of affair did not last long, some people of Virginia acted very shamelessly towards the settlers in Maryland, they thought that Virginia was given only for them.  When the part was given to the new settlers they became furious. They went to Maryland to drive away the Catholics. They behaved very badly with Lord Baltimore and some of his friends. The worst thing was they put Father White in irons and sent him back to England as a prisoner.  However, Lord Baltimore lost his right on the land and all his defendants were treated brutally.

After hundred years, the city of "St. Mary's" was occupied by the English in the year 1729 and begun a new and beautiful city.  They named the city as "Baltimore" in honor of Lord Baltimore. The citizens of Baltimore took active part in the American Revolution. 

Directions: Answer the following multiple choice questions. Also, answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:
  • Lord Baltimore was a man of nobility. Discuss.
  • How was the settlement destructed in Maryland?

Q 1: Why is March 25th a significant day in England?
Lord Baltimore passed away.
It is dedicated to Virgin Mary and St. Mary's city emerged.
The day is dedicated to Father White.

Q 2: What inturn were given to the Indians by the English for the land?
hatchets, knives and beads
hatchets, wigwams and cows
ships, canoes and arrows

Q 3: What happened to Father White?
Father White was beaten black and blue and imprisoned.
Father white was put in irons and sent back to England as a prisoner.
Father White was chained and beaten.

Q 4: What was the new name given to St. Mary's?
New York

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