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American History
1.8 Friendly Gesture


During the spring, one day the pilgrims were amazed to see an Indian walk boldly into their settlement.  The Indian knew a few English words what he learnt from some sailors years before.  He cried out in good English 'Welcome, welcome'.  He was given the name "Samoset".  The next day he came with an another Indian whose name was "Squanto".  He was the only one who was left in the tribe that had once lived in Plymouth. He knew English because he lived in England for sometime.  After his return he joined Indian tribes which lived about thirty miles further west.  The chief of the tribe was "Massasoit", came to meet the pilgrims with sixty warriors.  They had painted their faces with black red and yellow colors.  They showed friendly gesture.

Captain Standish went out and accepted the God of honor.  He brought the chief to Governor Carver.  The Massasoit and Governor entered into a friendly agreement accordingly Indians and pilgrims should live like friends and brothers and mutual understanding and doing all they could to help each other. This promise was kept for more than 50 years by both men.  When the pilgrims had their first thanksgiving, they invited Massasoit and his men.  Indians brought venison and white turkeys roasted.  All rejoiced the dinner together.  Squanto lived with the pilgrims for a long time.  He taught them how to catch eels, where to go fishing, when to plant corn and how to put a fish in every hill to make it grow fast. He died shortly.  As he liked English people very much, he wished to go to white men's heaven.

Directions:Answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:

  • How did Indians show friendly gesture towards the English men?
  • How were Indians able to communicate with the English men?
  • Who signed the friendly pact and what were the terms of it?
Answer the following multiple choice questions.

Q 1: What was the passion of Squanto?
He wished to go to white men's heaven after his death
he wanted to be buried in the English men's land
He wanted to be buried in Plymouth
He wanted to be buried in Dutch

Q 2: ________ was a tribal man who was the only one left out from the tribe which lived once in Plymouth.

Q 3: Who was the first one to enter into the pilgrim settlement?

Q 4: What do you mean by Venison?
Deer's flesh as food
Fried chicken
Roasted eels
Roasted fish

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