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American History
1.7 Plymouth Settlement


In 1620, a company of pilgrims sailed for England on their way to America.  Captain Myles Standish an English soldier who had fought in Holland joined the pilgrims though he did not belong to the pilgrim church.  These people along with their wives and children sailed from Plymouth in England to the new world in the ship "May flower".  They had a tough voyage across the Atlantic ocean, at last they saw the land cape cod in the end of November 1620.  It was a narrow strip of sand more than sixty miles long which looks like an arm bent at the elbow with a hand link a half shirt fist.  The pilgrims decided to land there and explore.  They choose John Carver as a governor for them before entering the harbor.




An Indian Deer-Trap

They had reached the shore on the first Monday.  Then, all the women went to shore to wash, so the first Monday of every month has been kept as washing day in New England ever since. Soon Captain Standish started off to see the country with a number of men, they saw some Indian corn buried in the sand. Little further they could see an Indian deer trap.  A young man named William Bradford stepped into it and jerked by the leg.




Bradford Caught

Captain Myles and his men saw a blue hill on the main land in the West about forty miles away.  They traveled in May Flower and reached the place called "Manomet" and entered the fine harbor.  On 21st December 1620, they landed on the famous rock which is now known all over the world as "Plymouth rock".  All the pilgrims moved to new land and named it "Plymouth".  This name was already suggested by Captain Smith of Virginia who had been before them the mention could be seen in the map. The land is vested with excellent harbor, nice drinking water and plain land for cultivation.  During the winter season half of the pilgrims died due to infectious disease.  Captain Standish along with Governor Carver and minister Elder Brewster nursed and assisted the sick people more graves were dug instead of construction of houses. When the graves were filled up they were made flat, so that Indians could not know how many white men were left out.

Directions: Answer the following multiple choice questions. Also, answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:

Explain the voyage of pilgrims towards Cape Cod.

How is Cape Cod formed?

Why did pilgrims choose the land of Plymouth for settlement?

Q 1: Who was Myles Standish?
The Dutch soldier who safeguarded his country
An English soldier who had fought in Holland
The French soldier who settled in the Dutch.

Q 2: Why is every first Monday celebrated as washing day in England?
they reached Cape Cod on first Monday as soon as they reached the Captain asked them to wash their v
they reached Cape Cod on first Monday as soon as they reached the women of the pilgrims went to shor
they reached Cape Cod on first Monday as soon as they reached the men of the pilgrims went to shore

Q 3: From where and which ship did the pilgrims sail to America?
From Plymouth in the ship May Flower
From America in the ship Yellow Flower
From Scrooby in the ship April Flower

Q 4: What is an "Indian Deer Trap"?
A device to detect the path of the deer.
It is a device to trap deer
A device to detect the place of deer

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