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American History
1.6 Captain Myles Standish

The Pilgrims versus The Puritans

English men mostly farmers fled from Scrooby and neighboring villages in the North East of England called themselves pilgrims. They settled in the Dutch city of "Leyden". When they heard about Hudson discovery of "Hudson river", they decided to move on to America.

The pilgrims left England as King James did not let them hold their religious meetings in peace as he wanted that everybody in England should belong to the same church and worship God in the same way that he did. He belonged to Puritans group. They were called Puritans because they insisted on making certain changes in the English mode of worship or as they said they wished to purify it. King James was afraid if people were allowed to go whichever church they like, it would lead to his destruction. Dutch grabbed the opportunity and promised English men that she would not interfere in the religious matters. Hence, many English men fled to Dutch.

But the pilgrims were not contended in Holland.  The reasons were:

a. The children of them grew up to be more Dutch than English.

b. They could not hope to get land in Holland.

Therefore, they resolved to move on to America where they could get land free of cost, they children could learn English language or the good old English and customs and laws.  They also believed not only in the wilderness they could enjoy entire religious freedom but also could make their own settlement.

Directions: Answer the following multiple choice questions. Also, answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:

Why did the pilgrims leave for Holland?

The pilgrims were not contended in Holland. why?

Q 1: Puritans : stayed in England :: Pilgrims : --------
fled to Holland
fled to Asia
fled to America

Q 2: Where did the pilgrims hail from?
Scrooby and North east villages of England
Holland and Brazil
Leyden and America

Q 3: Who were the Puritans?
purify the minds of the people.
the churches of the land
The Puritans were a group of people who claim themselves as "purifier" of the religion in England.

Q 4: Why did pilgrims leave for Dutch?
As they were not allowed to hold their religious meetings in peace.
to go to church
to worship God

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