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Lower Elementary Science
3.1 Astronomy

Astronomy is the science of celestial objects (e.g., stars, planets, comets, and galaxies).

All of us live on a planet called Earth. Earth revolves around the Sun, which is a star. Along with Earth, there are eight other planets that revolve around the Sun. The Sun and the nine planets that go around it are part of our Solar System.

Q 1: The Milky Way Galaxy is a spiral galaxy containing about 400 billion stars, including the Sun. It is one of many galaxies in the Universe. The universe is everything.

Q 2: What is in our solar system?
Earth and Venus
the Sun and nine planets
the Moon and the Sun
the Sun and Earth

Q 3: You see the sky at night with an instrument called _____.

Q 4: Who was the first woman in outer space?
Sally Ride
Hillary Duff
Rosa Park

Q 5: How many planets are in our solar system?

Q 6: Each planet goes around the sun in its own special path called an ______

Q 7: What is the study of solar system and the planets called?

Q 8: The first man to walk on the moon was ___________.
Neil Armstrong
Robert Walker
Space Man
Andy Moon

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