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Grade 7 English
4.23 Writing Fluent Sentences

Directions: Rewrite these short, choppy sentences so that the new sentence has better fluency (it sounds good and has good flow when you read it out loud).

Example: Joe has two favorite sports. Joe's first favorite sport is basketball. Joe's other favorite sport is football. (choppy)

Answer: Joe's favorite sports are basketball and football. (fluent)

  1. The Beatles were a famous band. The Beatles came from England. The Beatles had their first hit album in 1964.

  2. John liked to drive his new car. John drove me to the store. John drove very carefully.

  3. The Egyptians built huge pyramids. The Egyptians used the pyramids as burial tombs for pharaohs and kings.

  4. Susan makes jewelry. Susan uses lots of beads. Susan strings the beads together.

  5. I like to read Harry Potter books. Harry Potter books are exciting. Harry Potter books are popular with kids my age.

  6. There are different types of Mustang cars. One type of Mustang is the Boss 302. Another type is called the Mach I.