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American History
1.22 Henry Hudson - Passage to Asia

Captain Hudson was a great sailor of England. A company of London merchants in Jamestown sent out Hudson to discover a shorter  passage to China and the Indies. Hudson sailed through North West of England, hoping that he could find a shorter way through North Pole. But he could not find the passage, except mountains of ice. He was the first to go to the North Pole.

The Dutch people in Holland heard about Hudson's voyage they provided a vessel called "The Half Moon" and asked him to see if he could find a passage to Asia by sailing to the North East. After Hudson had gone quite long distance, the sailors refused to go any further, as they were tired by seeing ice and fog.

Then Captain Hudson turned his ship and sailed to the post of North America. He did this because his friend Captain Smith of Virginia had sent him a letter with the map, which made him think that he could find such a passage as he wanted North of Cheaspeake bay.

Directions: Answer the following multiple choice questions. Also, answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:
  • Why couldn't Hudson find a passage to China and Indies from the northwest of England?
  • What happened when Hudson was asked to find a passage to Asia, by sailing to the northeast?
Q 1: A company of London merchants belong to
New Zealand

Q 2: Dutch people provided Hudson a vessel named
Crescent Moon
Full Moon
Half Moon

Q 3: Hudson went through Northwest of England to discover ---------- route to Asia.

Q 4: The sailors refused to go any further because, they were
fed up
tired of seeing ice and fog
sick with sea

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