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American History
1.16 Columbus Lands

Attended by the captains of the other two vessels, and by their crews, Columbus set out in a boat for the island. When they landed, all fell on their knees, kissed the ground for joy, and gave thanks to God. Columbus named the island San Salvador and took possession of it, by right of discovery, for the king and queen of Spain.

He found that it was inhabited by a copper-colored people who spoke a language he could not understand. These people had never seen a ship or a white man before. They wore no clothing, but painted their bodies with bright colors. The Spaniards made them presents of strings of glass beads and red caps. In return they gave the Spaniards skeins of cotton yarn, tame parrots, and small ornaments of gold.

After staying here a short time Columbus set sail toward the south, in search of more land and in the hope of finding out where these people got their gold.

As Columbus sailed on, he saw many islands in every direction. He thought that they must be a part of the Indies which he was seeking. Since he had reached them by coming west from Spain, he called them the West Indies, and to the red men who lived on them he gave the name of Indians.

In the course of the next six weeks Columbus discovered the island of Cuba. At first he thought that it must be Japan, but afterward he came to the conclusion that it was not an island at all, but part of the mainland of Asia.

Next, he came to the island of Hayti,or San Domingo. Here his ship was wrecked. He took the timber of the wreck and built a fort on the shore. Leaving about forty of his crew in this fort, Columbus set sail for Palos in one of the two remaining vessels.

Directions: Answer the following multiple choice questions. Also, answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:
  1. Write a letter home in the vioice of Columbus describing all of your wonderful discoveries.
  2. How do you think Columbus feels when he finally discovers land? Why?

Q 1: What island did Columbus think was part of Asia?
West Indies

Q 2: What did the copper-colored people wear?
long robes
bright colored paint

Q 3: What does the word inhabit mean?
to have a bad habit
to leave
to live there

Q 4: What does the word tame mean?
to learn
to domesticate
to be wild

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