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Grade 5 - Mathematics
6.20 Measurements Review Test

Q 1: Add: 1 ft 3 in + 2 ft 4 in =
2 ft 6 in
3 ft 7 in
12 ft in

Q 2: A race car makes 4 circuits around a track in 10 minutes 32 seconds. How long does each circuit take?
2 min 38 sec
1 min 38 sec
3 min 38 sec

Q 3: Your mom works 8 hours per day. How many hours does she work in a week of 5 working days?

Q 4: How many kilometers (km) in 112 meters (m)?
11.2 km
0.112 km
112,000 km
1.12 km

Q 5: John weighs 33.5 kg with his shoes on. His shoes weigh 325 grams. How much does he weight without his shoes?
Write your answer with the units: kg.

Q 6: Convert 8 liters to centilitres?

Q 7: How many inches make a yard?

Q 8: If there are 2 gallons of orange juice, how many cups can be filled?

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