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Grade 5 - Mathematics
6.20 Measurements Review Test

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Grade 5 - Mathematics
6.20 Measurements Review Test

Q 1: If 2 cups are added to 1 pint how many quarts does it make?

Q 2: When you add or subtract lengths that are in different units you need to regroup them.

Q 3: How many yards make a mile?

Q 4: A piece of paper is 15 centimeters (cm) long and 14 centimeters (cm) wide. What is the area of the paper?
58 square cm
116 square cm
29 square cm
210 square cm

Q 5: If I have one gallon of orange juice. How many pint containers could I fill?

Q 6: How many inches make a foot?

Q 7: John weighs 33.5 kg with his shoes on. His shoes weigh 325 grams. How much does he weight without his shoes?
32.675 kg
33 kg and 325 grams
Insufficient information
33.175 kg

Q 8: What is the best way to measure the distance from your house to the mall?

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