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Kindergarten Reading and Math
3.37 Giraffe

Directions: Read this story. Ask your parent or teacher to help you with the words that you do not know. Answer the questions. Draw and color a picture to show the characters in this story. As a homework, read another story and tell what you read at your next class.

Georgia, the giraffe was very proud of her long neck. She always used to show off in front of her friends.

Trumpy, the elephant; Tickey and Pickey, the monkeys were all tired of Georgia's boasting.

Once when all the friends met, Georgia challenged them to twist her neck into a knot. After doing that, she was unable to undo it and started crying out of pain.

Then the monkeys took her to their doctor, Browny, the bear and got it set right. The giraffe then learnt how silly it was to show off.

Q 1: What can you learn from this story?
Don't talk to friends.
Don't be a showoff.
Don't go to a doctor.

Q 2: Why did the giraffe go to the doctor?
To get a bandaid.
To get medicine.
To untangle her neck.

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