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Grade 5 - English Language
1.45 Words Often Confused

There are many words in English which sound alike, but are spelled differently and have different meanings.

  • loose and lose
    Loose indicates tightness of something.
    Example: The glove is too loose for you.
    Lose means something is missing.
    Example: Did you lose your glove? Search for it.

  • farther, further
    Farther refers to distance. Further indicates additional degree, time, or quantity.
    Example: As you go farther away, your ability to hear is further decreased.

  • principal, principle
    As a noun, principal means "head" or "chief;" as an adjective, "highest" or "best." Principle means "basic truth, law, or assumption." Principle is NEVER an adjective.
    Example: The principal author gave the lecture. He acts according to the highest principles.

Directions: Fill in the blanks with correct words to make meaningful sentences. Write your own sentences using the often confused words discussed above. As a homework, find and write about at least ten more commonly confused words.
Q 1: She _______ me to take the camp.

Q 2: We have _______ studied the Middle East.
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Q 3: I used the ______ on the bike.

Q 4: I need several ________ to wash my truck.

Q 5: The sandpaper was very ________.

Q 6: We are going to _______ or change the assignment.

Q 7: The class is _______ to go on vacation.
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Q 8: There was a statue on the church ________.

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