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High School Mathematics - 2
5.6 Commutative Addition of Vectors

Directions: Answer the following.
Q 1: _____ is the identity element for vector addition.
Negative vector
Zero vector
Unit vector

Q 2: If |a| = 5, interpret 6 times vector a.

Q 3: If the sum of two unit vectors is a unit vector, find the magnitude of their difference.

Q 4: If a and b are non-collinear vectors having the same initial point. Which vector is represented by vec a + vec b?
it is a zero vector
such a vector cannot be formed
The vector with the same iniial point and forming the diagonal of the parallelogram determined by ve

Q 5: Find the difference of the vectors 3i+4j+8k and -i+5j+2k.

Q 6: A, B and C are three collinear points such tat AB = a^ and BC = b^, find vector AC.
-vector a + vector b
vector a + vector b
-vector b + vector a

Q 7: If magnitudes of two vectors are equal, are their directions also equal?

Q 8: Find the magnitude and direction of vector a - vector b, when magnitude of vector a is 3 and it points towards the east while magnitude of b is 7 and it points towards the west.

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