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Grade 5 - English Language
2.71 Fragments, Run-ons, and Compound Sentences

Fragments: A fragment does not contain either a subject or a predicate.

To get shoes. My teacher.

Run-ons: A run-on sentence occurs when two or more sentences are joined together without correct punctuation. A run-on sentence must be divided into two or more separate sentences.

Run-on: On Saturday my family went to the park but unfortunately it rained and we got wet and it took hours for our cloths to dry.
Correct: On Saturday, my family went to the park. Unfortunately, it rained and we got wet. It took hours for our cloths to dry.

Compound Sentence: A compound sentence is composed of at least two independent clauses, but no dependent clauses. The clauses are joined by a comma and a coordinating conjunction, a comma and a correlative conjunction, or a semicolon with no conjunction.

He finally read the book, or so I thought.
The two independent clause are joined by a comma and the coordinating conjunction or.

Either he goes, or I go.
The compound sentence is held together by a comma and the correlative conjunction either - or.

Kim understands math; she has studied it for years. Here, the two sentences are joined by a semicolon, with no conjunction.

Directions: Choose if the words in the question make up a fragment, a run-on, or a compound sentence (S). Write five more examples for each of fragment, runon, and compound sentences.
Q 1: The team met in the middle of the field at the end of the game discussed the winning play lost and blamed the coach.

Q 2: The runner ran as fast as he could, and he crossed the finish line in record time.

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