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Upper Elementary Science - II
3.30 Air Pollution

What is atmosphere? It is the thin blanket of air surrounding the Earth. The atmosphere is a mixture of many gases such as nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon-dioxide, etc.

What is air pollution? Adding excess amounts of gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases to atmosphere is called air pollution.

How does air pollution occur? There are many sources of pollution:

  • Smoke emission from vehicles
  • Open land fills collected with garbage, produces methane gas
  • Smoke from industries
  • Burning of fuels
Scientists believe that air pollution has been causing the depletion of ozone layer. Ozone is a protective layer of atmosphere that stops the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun from reaching the earth. The ultra-violet rays from the sun can cause diseases such as skin cancer. Air pollution also heats up the atmosphere, which can eventually cause severe changes to the weather conditions on earth.

How can we overcome this problem? Here are some suggestions to reduce the harmful effects of air pollution:

  • Planting trees that help in cleaning up the environment
  • Proper disposal of garbage
  • Using catalytic converters in cars that help reduce pollution
  • Using vehicles powered by solar cells

Directions: Answer the following questions.
Q 1: Air is a mixture of many gases

Q 2: Ozone is a gas.

Q 3: Trees clean up the environment by
by bringing rain
releasing oxygen and making use of carbon-dioxide
by reducing soil erosion

Q 4: Ozone layer is
found in the vicinity of sun
a protective layer of atmosphere
a thick mixture of gases

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