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Upper Elementary Science - II
2.1 Environments and Ecosystems

What is an environment? It is the surroundings in which an organism lives, modifies and determines its life or character. The environments can be classified into:
  • Natural environment
  • Artificial environment
Natural environment: This kind of environment occurs naturally on earth and is not a result of human activity.
Examples: forests, oceans

Artificial environment: Contrary to the natural environment, these are made by man, devised to suit his needs and requirements.
Examples: buildings

What is an ecosystem? The interaction between living things and non-living things in an environment is called an ecosystem.

Biotic factors: The living things of an environment is called the biotic factors.
Examples: plants, animals, etc.

Abiotic Factors: The non-living things are called the abiotic factors.
Examples: sunlight, water, etc.

Therefore, an ecosystem is the interaction between the biotic and abiotic factors in an environment.

Species: Living organisms of a single kind is called species.

Population: The number of organisms of one kind of species is called population.

Directions: Answer the following questions.
Q 1: Rainforests are an example of _____ environment.

Q 2: Your playground is an example of ______ environment.

Q 3: There are many dogs, cats, and other animals. This is an example of

Q 4: All grass-eating animals fall under the same species.

Q 5: Living organisms of the same kind and behaviour constitute ______.
biotic factors

Q 6: Population is a result of the sum of all kind of species living in an environment.

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